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Friday, May 9, 2008

Can you guess what this is?

When I received this in the mail from a dear friend, I thought, at first, she had sent me a small broom to brush away all of the dust that the hostile Texas wind had blown into our home. However, upon reading the poem that came with it... I was delighted. Here is the poem
Look at this gift you've just received
A round whisk broom, you say...
Or maybe it's a clothing brush.
To this, I must say nay.
My use is not to be a brush;
My purpose is another.
Now can you guess just what am?
...I was used by Grandmother.
Remember how she'd break a straw,
From near by the kitchen broom,
To test the cake that she had baked;
Thus saved it from doom?
So hang me near your oven door,
There handy I will be.
Do not pull, just break off my straw;
I'm a cake tester.....see?
A conversation piece you need:
to brighten up your day?
Let your friends guess just what I am;
Listen to what they say.
Soon talk will be of yesteryear
And the memories will awake.
Pour each a cup of coffee now
and serve a piece of cake.
Don't you just love this? I remember my mama pulling off a straw from the top of a broom to test cake and muffins. I have used toothpicks, and now I guess I will have something else to use!


shirl said...

Hi Kathleen, These are so cute, I have seen them before. I love this kitchen blog that you have, how do you find the time to do two blogs? You are amazing! Looks like you have some good recipes here. I'll have to give some of them a try!

Linda said...

I thought it was a cake tester...it sure is neat. Lina