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Friday, August 3, 2012

Cherry Divinity Update

In my last post, I shared a cherry divinity recipe with you that I had not yet made because I was out of corn syrup. I was recently contacted by Ann, a reader, who told me that she had made this, but although it was good, it turned out flat.
So today, I got that missing corn syrup and proceeded to make the candy.
I am so thrilled........it held it's shape, it was not too difficult to make, and
it tastes wonderful!!
The recipe said to place the candy on wax paper.........which I did not have, so I just sprayed some foil lightly with veg. oil spray.

Important step 1. make sure it is a hot and dry day to make candy.
Important step 2. The recipe says to drain the cherries well............well I did,
 and then I chopped them, but there was still so much juice inside of them, that I squeezed them between paper towels.
Important step 3. I did not use a candy thermometer.....so when it says to cook to a hard ball stage, make sure to do so or if it says for the thermometer to reach 265.F make sure it does.
It takes a good 15 minutes or so for the syrup to reach the hard ball stage.
Important step 4.Make sure to beat the candy for 5 minutes on high speed as it says, this will get the heat and the air out of the candy.
Hard Ball Stage
When the candy mixture forms thick ropes, it's cooked to the hard-ball stage. At this point, the candy's temperature is between 250 and 265 degrees Fahrenheit. When completely cool, it will form into a hard, brittle candy with a high sugar concentration. Rock candy is an example of a sweet that's cooked to the hard-ball stage.

Of course I think the candy is so pretty in my grandmother's dishes.
I can't wait until Christmas to make this for all of my special ones!
Hope you try this and if you do, let me know!
(Recipe is on my last post)

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Dorothy said...

Oh, that candy looks so tasty, I'm going to have to try it!