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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A cookbook project

A while back, I started writing my own cookbook. Not for publishing, but to be passed down to children and grandchildren. It is a book of family favorites that either one or all likes best and what we cook a lot of.
I buy a lot of journals for writing in. I thought this was a lovely journal. It is quite large. I put it away. When I got the idea for writing the cookbook, I knew this would be perfect for the project!
The pages have such a pretty design. I left a few of the first pages blank for the recipe index.

I then write a little about each recipe.... where I found it, what everyone thought when they tried it, who liked it best and so on. Then I carefully write the recipe. I want to make my hand writing is easy to read. I had hoped to have this finished within the year, but realize it will be an ongoing book to be added to as the years pass. Do any of you have your recipes written down for future generations? Perhaps you have a family cookbook published? I would love to hear.


Mandie said...

No we do not but that sure is a great idea. Your family will love that you did this for you. Great idea!!

Linda said...

Hi Kathleen, this is a wonderful project. I like the fact you are including a little story with each recipe....and being hand written make it even more of a treasure.
I have made a recipe box for my daughter with little notes about our favorites too. I love hand written recipes...I have all my mom's some have cooking spills but I love them anyway.
I wish you would show each page...it would be so neat to read them.....hugs, Linda

Pam said...

Kathleen, that is such a good idea.
The recipes in your own handwriting will be a treasure, and the notes along with the recipes make it even better.
I haven't tried a project like that, but I've thought about it from time to time.

Patty H. said...

I've been wanting to start a cookbook for my daughter. Using a journal is a good idea.

Lisa said...

How sweet! A great idea... it's so important to pass those family recipes to the next generations. There are just some things that you don't want to lose along the way, and a good recipe is one of them.