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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do you remember water pitchers and bowls?

Although, I didn't grow up in the era where folks cleaned up by using a water pitcher and bowl sitting nearby, I still love looking at these pieces when ever I am antique hunting.I love how they make a room look. I don't own an official bowl, pitcher, or table that actually served that purpose, so I try to copy that with what I have. {: Maybe you are lucky enough to have Grandma's or your Mother's ?

Many years ago, a dear friend gave this white/cream colored pitcher to me. She remembers her father had made it. It is a wonderfully made piece. I have always cherished it and it has always been a focal point in my kitchen. The large bowl beneath it is from another dear friend who sells Tupperware. I can't believe that this glass bowl is made from the Tupperware company! I have two bowls like this. They are quite heavy and wonderful for fruit or a large dish of food. They work wonderful for a decorative piece as well.
Sometimes, this pitcher just sits empty, but it looks so good that way, but
I usually always have fresh flowers in it, if I have them handy. It cheers up the whole kitchen. Sweetie came home from work with this beautiful bouquet!
This dark little pitcher, I have had for many years, also given to me by a dear friend. ( I think my friends are pushing me towards the antique shop idea, what do you think? ) {: And here is the other large bowl. This set is sitting on an old vanity in our guest bathroom.

This vanity is one of the first pieces of furniture Sweetie and I bought starting out as newly weds. Now that it is in our guest bathroom, I have it filled with nostalgia pieces, (old perfume bottles, little beaded purses,etc. ) but it also holds extra wash cloths and hand towels as well. The drop down section of the vanity is perfect for the bowl and pitcher. Well, now it's your turn. What do you do with all of your treasures? I would love to hear? Drop me a line, and show a pitcher...... picture{:


Anne Fannie said...

Love your pitchers and bowls. I have collected some also through the years. They make a perfect vase for fresh picked roses.

Linda said...

I don't have any pitchers and bowls, but I really like your ....especially filled with pretty flowers. Linda

Wilma said...

I love your pitchers and bowls, but the thing I love the most is the old vanity because I had one just like it when i was growing up I had the whole thing bed, vanity and wardrobe and when I left home to start my own home I took it with me. It brought back so many memories. Thanks